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Furken Consulting

Internal Audit & Risk Management

Arnd Furken

Arnd Furken

"Furken Consulting"



You are looking for consulting services covering internal audit, risk management and compliance? You want to (re-) introduce these functions or you need temporary support for your internal audit function? In this case Furken-Consulting is your business partner. Furken-Consulting provides professional support through execution of specialized audit projects, and provides pragmatic and efficient organizational recommendations for your organization.

Who does “Furken-Consulting” work for?

  • Mainly medium-sized and small businesses.
  • Companies that require temporary internal audit services.
  • Companies that are legally obliged to have a functioning internal audit function but do not want to build up head count for internal audit.
  • Companies that want to set up a new internal audit function.
  • Companies that need to have their internal audit unit reviewed according to IIA quality standards or want a internal audit self-assessment externally validated.
  • Companies requiring additional audit capacity in the short term.
  • Businesses looking to build a modern, pragmatic business risk management.

Target Group

enterprises requiring internal audit services.


Flexibility:  High flexibility through services individually adapted to the needs of your company.



Many years of professional experience in different industries ensure professional quality services.


High professional competence and a personal relationship create a basis of trust.