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Furken Consulting


Interne Revision / Risiko Management / Compliance
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Furken Consulting provides consulting services in the following 3 areas.


The complete range of internal audit services, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Risk-oriented audit planning, audit execution, standardized and comprehensive audit reports. In case of the identification of potential for improvement practical implementation we provide proposals, and an effective follow-up process. Over 15 years audit experience. Accredited auditor for internal audit systems DIIR.



Furken Consulting has proved experience in the introduction and operation of the risk management systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. We provide a Pragmatic approach with flexible risk categorization, regular reporting and effective involvement of risk owners.


Compliance systems for medium-sized companies, set up to incorporate existing functions such as legal, personnel, communication and auditing functions.

Who does “Furken-Consulting” work for?

  • Mainly medium-sized and small businesses.
  • Companies that require temporary internal audit services.
  • Companies that are legally obliged to have a functioning internal audit function but do not want to build up head count for internal audit.
  • Companies that want to set up a new internal audit function.
  • Companies that need to have their internal audit unit reviewed according to IIA quality standards or want a internal audit self-assessment externally validated.
  • Companies requiring additional audit capacity in the short term.
  • Businesses looking to build a modern, pragmatic business risk management.